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Personal stories

Our success is built on the successes of the people that use our services. Read some of their personal stories below to find out more about how we work together with people with mental health problems to help them on their journey towards independent, fulfilling lives.

“I have spent a large amount of time as an inpatient, and so decision making was something I handed over in order to focus on eating. I think that over a prolonged period of time, I lost the confidence to feel able to make decisions without someone else’s approval.” Read Anneka’s story

“In June 2002 I was working as a mental health nurse in New Zealand. By July, I was doped up on medication at my parent’s home in Lancashire with a new diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.” Read Alex’s story.

“When I split with my partner I moved away and went through a very bad time. I felt very isolated because all the friends I had here had moved on.” Read Stella’s story.

“A few years ago, my wife divorced me. I got pneumonia and went into hospital in Bournemouth. I was okay there for a while but they didn’t know where to put me.” Read Martin’s story.

“I was doing a 9 to 5 job and was living independently in Bournemouth, taking a couple of evening classes. Then I had a breakdown.” Read Dave’s story.

“I’d had a very troubled marriage for years, which resulted in some bad mental health problems for me, and I ended up in a residential home.” Read Brenda’s story.