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The roots of Personalisation lie in the disability movement and the voices of many campaigners who fought for the right to exercise control over their own lives and their own support.

In recent years, Personalisation has become a key part of government policy. While this most often manifests itself as helping people to plan and direct their own support, and giving them a personal budget or a direct payment so that they can purchase their own services, we think Personalisation is much broader than that.

Our understanding of Personalisation is that it offers:

  • the opportunity for people to have choice, to take control of their own recovery journey, and to participate in society as active and equal citizens
  • a preventative approach, so that people can stay well
  • a view that people have skills and strengths on which to build, rather than being passive recipients of services.

We know that the implementation of Personalisation in mental health has been slow, and that some parts of the country have achieved more in this area than others. Where Personalisation in mental health is working well, there are huge benefits to people who use services.

We also know that in some places, people who use mental health services have not been involved in the implementation of Personalisation, and do not support it; and that in other places service users are experiencing Personalisation as a way of reducing the support that they receive and constraining their choices.

At Together, we want to work alongside service users, and with commissioners, to help make Personalisation work for people who use mental health services.

Organisations promoting and developing Personalisation

  • In Control
    In Control is a national charity with a mission to create a fairer society where everyone needing additional support has the right, responsibility and freedom to control that support.
  • Think Local Act Personal
    The Think Local, Act Personal Partnership is comprised of more than 30 national and umbrella organisations representing the broad interest in Personalisation and community-based support.
  • Paths to Personalisation
    The National Mental Health Development Unit has produced this online guide to help all those involved understand how things will need to be done differently to make Personalisation a reality for people with mental health needs.