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Our people

People make Together who we are.

Together | Service users © Martin BreschinskiPeople who use our services

The people who use our services help shape what we do by telling us what they need and how we can best help them overcome mental health issues.


Our staffLiz Felton-48

Our staff use their skills and experience to meet the needs of our service users in the most effective way by
providing care, support and knowledge.


Our Trustees

Our Trustees set Together’s overall policy and direction. We currently have 12 Trustees, all of whom have expertise and experience in different areas of our work. Once our Board of Trustees has set the policy for Together, our Management Team ensures the objectives are met efficiently.

Associate partners and donors

Vital to our ongoing work, too, are our associate partners and donors who fund our mission to help individuals achieve mental wellbeing and take control of their lives.